What is this?
NiceAboutYou.com is a tool for teams to share anonymous good-feels about one another. It's free for anyone to use.
Who built it?
Faithlife Corporation. Like all teams, ours can always benefit from more communication. We found that many of us found our co-workers smart, talented, and friendly but rarely said so out loud. NiceAboutYou.com is our attempt to make that happen.

It went over so well, we thought others might like to use it too.
Our CEO, Bob Pritchett, read an article years ago about a teacher who asked her students to anonymously write nice things about one another. The experience was so meaningful to them, that each kept their copy of the assignment for life.

We did a similar exercise at Faithlife to great response, but hand-collating responses became too difficult so we built a tool that would do it for us.
How does it work?
Start by creating a survey. Let us know who you'd like to participate, and we'll email each person a link where they can gush all of their good-feels. Then you'll have a chance to review responses before they're all sent, anonymously, to all participants. Easy-peasy.
Who will see my comments?
You, the person who created the survey, and the people you complimented. Your comments will be anonymous, so you can really put your heart into it.
What will you do with the email addresses?
NiceAboutYou.com is nice! We won't add anyone to any marketing lists. Email addresses you provide are used only to run your circle of kindness.